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Originally Posted by TiAg46 View Post
Not surprised that their site's down, I imagine there's a lot of traffic right now. Lol, thankfully I think it'll all be gone by the time I get home after my last class.

Also, I HEARD that the ending of this game is different from the original. Not sure if that's true/how altered the ending is....
I never beat any of them. I got far in the 1st one but lost my file because I had to restore my computer a while back.
Its actually not the complete game. Something about when Gordon leaves to Xen is when it cuts off but rather them make us wait another few months,years,err... DECADES.. they are giving us the first couple chapters. It cuts off at the "Lambda core" chapter. and they made some parts shorter and some parts longer. Im sure it will be pretty cool either way.

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Wait... so it's just a remake of Half-Life?
You wouldn't understand!

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They redid the original 100% with the Source engine. Full model and environmental rebuild. Quite an undertaking for a group of enthusiasts.
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wat?? guys with turbo M3's don't have woman troubles...

try adjusting your wastegate
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