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Originally Posted by Brem46 View Post
i drove a 2001 Landcruiser, damn thing felt like a barge wobbling all over the road, punch the gas and wait 10 minutes for the engine to do anything by which time you had to brake, which actually were none exsistant... its a 80k pile of crap... they should stick to building what they know because the Land Cruiser was, is and most probably always will be a POS

The 2001 landcruiser was not 80K first of all. Second, they were never slow. They always had rather large motors with plenty of go. And what is it you think toyota "knows?" Also roflwaffles at saying the LC is slow compared to the rest of the POS cars in europe. Try a diesel renault, rover, or any of the other 10,000 slow POS cars on sale in england and comment on how "crappy" the LC is. Maybe you would love a reliant robin. Heard those are know, light weight being 3 wheeled and all.

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