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Originally Posted by dreamdrivedrift View Post
You know, in a simplistic view, I'm also all for people being responsible of their own actions, i.e. you get fat, you pay for it. A libertarian society, if you will. The problem is, it will cause some pretty crazy social unrest from those who feel that they are entitled to healthcare, welfare, etc because it's true; many have dug pits for themselves, or were born into "pits", so them and their families cannot survive without those social niceties.

So you better bet if all healthcare systems decided that they will only be treating those who prove that they can pay (through insurance or sufficient personal assets), that there will be mobs of people doing crazy sh!t to try to get treated and that I will be carrying a gun on my person around the hospital and pretty much anywhere I go.
I can agree with much of this.. I feel the major issue faced by our nation is exactly the sense of entitlement you are referring to. People EXPECT to achieve (not expect to be able to achieve, two very different things) the wealth the see on television and other media outlets.. they then get upset when someone says "well if you want x, you need to do y". Kids coming out of college are the prime example of this. Unrealistic expectations and demands. The kids that screamed at state schools in California because their tuition were going to go up, go f*c yourselves..

On weight, the majority of americans that are overweight are a result of their lifestyle choices.. plain and simple.

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