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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
While I can agree that most people are ignorant of nutrition say on your level, there are no people that "KNOW" french fries and triple bacon cheeseburgers are good for them. Either you claim the majority of the population are mentally challenged (even those with brain disorders probably know lettuce is healthier than a cheesesteak) or you are just arguing for the sake of argument. People know what is healthy and what is not. The CHOICE however, is very different. Mcdonalds is cheaper than getting an organic salad with organic grilled chicken from the local deli. So yes, income has to do with the subject, but in the store, vegetables are not more expensive than prepared crap. I do the food shopping in my house, so I know how much things cost. A head of iceberg lettuce and raw whole chicken can be had for cheap. Tyson frozen chicken nuggets on the other hand are not. The reason why people feed this crap to their kids is laziness. Cooking for a family is hard work, and most don't want to do it. Hell, I don't know any women under the age of 35 today that know how to cook. Feminism FTW.
I agree. Ignorance can only get you so far. Unless you are mentally challenged, it doesn't take much to know that fast food and soda is bad for you. People are lazy. Hell, you can get a goddamn 2lb roast for $5, potatoes for $1, carrots and onions for another $2, and there ya go... you can either make a roast, or make beef stew that could LITERALLY feet a family of 4 for less than 10 and a couple hours of having the oven on.

It is laziness.

I will say tho... ignorance can definitely be the case when it comes to non-fast food restaurants. I won't like, i was taken back when i found out a burger from chili's is like... 1800 calories or something like that. People have the mindset of going to a restaurant before fast food... little do they know they are paying more for worse food for them. A plate full of pasta at an italian restaurant.. ha, well over 1000 calories, but the media doesn't target these types of establishments. Majority of restaurants across the country... like, 99%, are very very unhealthy. How do they get it to taste so good??? Butter, oil, and salt... This is what flies under the radar, and I think people need to be educated moreso on "decent" restaurants rather than telling them that McDonalds is bad lol.
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