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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
I can agree with much of this.. I feel the major issue faced by our nation is exactly the sense of entitlement you are referring to. People EXPECT to achieve (not expect to be able to achieve, two very different things) the wealth the see on television and other media outlets.. they then get upset when someone says "well if you want x, you need to do y". Kids coming out of college are the prime example of this. Unrealistic expectations and demands. The kids that screamed at state schools in California because their tuition were going to go up, go f*c yourselves..

On weight, the majority of americans that are overweight are a result of their lifestyle choices.. plain and simple.
I think you and NFRS2k are talking about a different stratum of society than dwass and I are talking about, but nonetheless the sense of entitlement is still there, whether it be for healthcare (which some view as a human right) or wealth.

Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Common sense dictates that eating out is not healthy. You want healthy food, make it yourself.
A lot of people lack common sense. I've met people who thought processed food was healthier than homecooked food...and they were being entirely serious. That blew my mind.

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