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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Common sense dictates that eating out is not healthy. You want healthy food, make it yourself.
don't be that ignorant... be thankful that you are smart enough to realize that, however lets not walk blindly into this

the only reason why places like Panera Bread exists is because it appears to be healthier than the McDonalds across the street, and i would bet that most people in panera would use that as a form of reasoning all day long...

"Why aren't you having lunch at McDonald's today?"

- Thats fast food, everything is fried, and its unhealthy.

"Oh yea? That "healthy" Frontega Chicken sandwich has about 800 calories, almost 40g of fat, and 2200mg of Sodium. That is MORE than any crispy chicken sandwich from McDonalds, and equal to the Original Chicken Sandwich from BK"

Just add some earth tone colors to the interior and make people believe that what they are eating is good because you offer a fvcking apple, and everyone will choose with their eyes, not with their head.

If you think that people go out to eat at any restaurant and know that its as unhealthy, if not more unhealthy, than fast food... you sir, are definitely blinded.
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