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Originally Posted by E46330iguy View Post
Oh hey guys, Totally Forgot about this thread, It went good. She was pretty Shy and English wasnt too great. We took her to the Western development musem, Its all about well development from the l ate 1900's up untill now in Saskachewan, She was simply amazed, She had never even seen a horse before. She was just stunned to see that well everything even the firetruck was horse drawn, She rides the train lots in China, They have a real Cast iron steam train in there, I asked her if she knew what it was she took a long hard look at it for nearly 10 min and couldnt decided and when i told her it just blew her mind. To sum it all up though we had lots of fun showing her around and teaching her neat things about Canada, Im suppose to be going to China to visit her next summer

she was ugly
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