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Remote start how to: In depth.

I've been installing car alarms for over a decade now. I have learned a lot and have come a long way. I will be showing you guys how I install a remote start alarm. I have a stick shift, and I will be doing the install in a way that keeps it safe by never allowing it to start when it is in gear. I DO NOT know everything about alarms and car audio! I have made many mistakes and on occassion still need advice from some of my fellow installers. I have a lot of experience, and I have attended a ton of classes from DEI. I have a bachelors in EE and have been doing car audio/video since 1994 and security since 2000. I most likely won't be going over where every single wire gets connected, unless you guys request it. The method I will be showing you guys is pretty common in the high end level of car audio and security. It is not your budget minded install. There will be no crimping and NO T TAPPING! All connections will be soldered and the main goal of the install is to make it as OEM as possible. This is not the only way to do a remote start. IMO it is one of the best ways. I will gladly take constructive criticism. I will be starting with all the accessories and peripherals; LED, glass break sensor, siren, impact sensor, etc.. I do run my own business and have very little free time so it will take a week or so for the complete installation. Tonight I did my LED, so we can start with that how to and I will continue the thread as the project moves along. Any questions feel free to ask.
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