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Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
Let me translate across the pond. We have a saying in our country that 99% of our citizens would be able to finish if you started them--"ignorance is no excuse from the law" We live by this. Or why not just do away with laws?
And we're not even hiding it! Fire hydrant is big bright white with a red top!

I got a hydrant across the street from my apartment window and no one ever parks there by accident and doesn't see the hydrant. If this guy parked there and didn't see it, he deserves broken windows just for stupidity. Darwinism breeds a stronger society.
Ahh. That old "ignorance of the law" chestnut. The last resort of the scoundrel who has no case. Believe it or not we have firemen on this side of the pond as well and they manage to get around these issues without vandalising property.
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