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Originally Posted by RayPooley View Post
"Yeah, they should have just let the fire continue and wait for the guy to show up and move his car ..." Is that what you took from my comment? For the record my father was a fireman for 25 years and I know that neither he nor his colleagues resorted to civil vandalism in the execution of their duties.
I spent 3 months training with our local fire department in my roles as fire officer for a large international company that I worked for and they took me through the ropes including the deployment of fire hoses. Here in the UK our hydrant points are set in the pavements far away from the kerb. That makes sense. If you must attach the "moron" label to someone I would suggest you consider those in authority who decided that the best place to site these devises was at the kerb edge so as to maximise the likelihood of them being obstructed by parked vehicles.

Who cares. They did what they had to do to get the job done in the situation as it was presented to them. That's the bottom line.

And no, the driver is the only moron. There's a sign AND it's common knowledge that you don't park in front of hydrants. And if he didn't see that big ass hydrant while he was parking he's both blind and stupid. Am I the only person left alive that believes a person is responsible for his or her actions? Nothing but pathetic excuses and blame shifting now. Truly sad.

Why's this repost crap not in off topic anyway? This has nothing to do with E46's.

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