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It's really something to see...they'll follow many north/south ridges to pick thermals up off of them and updrafts...but just a few days ago, I had a Bald Eagle fly maybe 100' over my head. I've seen many fights in the sky too...Merlins in particular are nasty...will dive bomb any bird flying anywhere nearby.

The season for Broad Winged Hawks will end very soon...then the daily numbers will drop off...but you'll still see birds migrating practically every day from now until Mid-November. Get out if you can...and thanks, Wasp, for posting humana's site. They collect data across all the country. The site I'm at is the longest running volunteer hawkwatch in the country...going on over 22 years I think. I've been there for 20...just getting decent at identifying the suckers when they're a mile or two away.
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