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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
You are their perfect customer.
I am not.
Sums all of this up pretty well! We have hundreds of satisfied customers on this board, and have been in business for 8+ years at this point. We offer plug and play upgrades that provide a significant improvement over the factory speakers that even those with the most basic of experience of working on cars can install, and do not require any wire splicing or modification to the vehicle. This is desirable for a lot of BMW owners, as it allows them to skip on paying a shop for the install and keep the cost down in that regards. Most just want to replace their tired factory components and do not have any desire to rewire anything, change the head unit, or do custom mounting. Can you go further than our system and get your vehicle sounding even better? Absolutely! Can you do that without having to change out the headunit/amplifier and rewire the car/modify the door panels to accept aftermarket components? No you can not, and that is where we come in. Different strokes for different folks.
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