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No no no no no no no and..... NO.

The problem is NOT the fan blade/clutch itself, but your lack of maintenance and the fact that you've never seen my thread.

The fan blade itself is great--Genuine BMW is able to last 100,000+ miles or 10+ years. Ideally, you should replace at 75,000 miles or 8 years. The blade itself can chip, crack, become off balance and just grenade inside of your engine bay. This is why I recommend the complete overhaul of your cooling system and NOT just bits and pieces--these so-called "KITS" available from many "vendors" which are just out to grab a quick buck, but aren't doing enough to educate and assist the community about the importance of replacing the entire system.

Replace your fan/blade and clutch with Genuine BMW (or OEM Sachs for the clutch) and never have a problem. Though the problem is usually with the blade.

Yes you can also do an electric conversion, but don't for a second think you can just ignore maintenance. You'll have to replace stuff JUST as often and frequent mechanical or NOT.

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