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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
You are their perfect customer.
I am not. Copying the shape of BMW speakers, making them 2 ohm rather than the industry standard 4 ohm, and adding a factory connector is not an "engineered solution". It is exploiting a niche market. If they had to compete with the rest of the aftermarket, they would get smoked. If their technology was that good, don't you think they would branch out to the general aftermarket, even a little bit? They don't, because that would expose them to comparisons with the better brands, independent testing, and product reviews. It is easy to be the premiere brand of BMW replacement speakers, when you are the only one, and your competition is the paper cones in an OEM system.
Hell, I am just sorry I did not get there first. Their pricing indicates that they have you by the short hairs, because they do. And I would do the same. Every time an order came in, I would laugh and say "Can you believe we got another one to buy these?! And it is for a 12 year old e46!!!" And as long as people like you exist, they will do well. I don't mean that in a bad way. They are fvcking marketing geniuses! I would turn every customer upside down, and shake the change from their pockets. And they would still write glowing reviews!
As far as them having great service, I would do the same. I would make it as easy as possible, to prevent potential customers from looking into the greater aftermarket. I would hand deliver the damn things!
But, if you call Crutchfield, and say that you want to rip it all out, and go with an upgraded system, they will be every bit as helpful. The same goes for most local car audio dealers, and a few other online sites.
What BSW does with their customer service is not that special. And if you find their website confusing, and need to call for help, you are probably not a candidate for a DIY system install. Their site is not exactly a Mensa test.
Is the install more work? Yes it is. But it is no different than any other car out there. Once you decide to dump the BMW issued gear, it becomes just another stereo install. You either know how to do it, are willing to learn to do it, or you pay someone to do it. I bought my components, and installed them myself, on my first e46. On my second one, I bought everything online at bargain prices, and paid a shop to do it, because I was simply too busy to do it myself.
If I had one major complaint about BSW, it would be this - their speakers only address 1/3 of the problem. The other 2/3rds being the head unit, and the amp. And as long as you don't improve them, you are severely limited. And at this point, you can not, without ditching the entire system. I do not like paying $900, just to be backed further into the corner BMW created with their system. That is like paying your rapist to use a little lube. You are just $900 deeper into the hole, with no way out. You are forever tied to that substandard, 14 year old technology that BMW gave you, once you invest in these.
Rip it all out, and buy $900 worth of aftermarket stuff, and you will get better sound, and unlimited opportunities to upgrade from there. Hell, you could do it for $600, and still come out with a better system, if you are patient enough to wait for sales, closeouts, and bargain hunting. Given enough time, I would be willing to bet I could do it for $400, or come damn close. And my solution would be infinitely upgradable.
Buying BSW speakers is like buying Michelin Super Sports, and installing them on wheels you know will break if you exceed 50mph. While I may appreciate the technology of the Michelins, I will never be able to utilize them. Their qualities are wasted. Now imagine that they will ONLY fit on those 50mph limit wheels. Why would I bother to invest in the supreme performance of those tires, if I can never exploit their limits? I may as well have Pep Boys Specials on my car, and learn to live with the situation. Or, I could get new wheels, and choose from an entire market full of tires that perform as well as, or better than the Michelins, because I am only limited by my budget.
BSW's are not only lipstick on a pig. They applied the lipstick on the wrong end of the pig.

I understand what you are saying but your analogy of BSW applies to many aftermarket companies. Many who are well respected and have been around a long time. Is every company that makes a catback that just bolts on crooks? Or leaving all engineering on the table... and just shaking out the pennies? You can buy a catback and bolt it on. Or you can build a exhaust in your garage for a 1/2 or maybe even a 1/3 of the cost of the catback. You could even skip building it yourself and just piece the parts you want together and have a shop build it. This would still save money.

So is the catback a bad solution? Are the vendors and companies that make and sell the kit crooks? I don't think so. It's a different customer. I am a DIY type guy and my E30 has a full custom exhaust. I did parts myself and a shop did some of it. I sourced all the parts and piping. I have done this on my last couple of E30s. My buddy is in school, works and loves his E30. He doesn't have the time or the skill level so he bought a catback(quite expensive for an E30) and we bolted it on. I love my exhaust. He loves his. I wouldn't say he was ripped off or should have gone another route.

Again it's different strokes for different folks. Some people have a lot of time for car modding projects and some have less time. You can always make or do your own thing at an increased or decreased cost. People's time is worth a different amount. We offer a solution that has been very popular and we have many happy customers. It was never aimed, and never has been, to those wanting a full custom system. I have said this thousands of times on phone calls and emails to potential customers. Just like if someone calls in and says they had 3 JL twelves in their SUV and now has an X5. Would they like our x108 subwoofer system? Probably not.
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