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Originally Posted by kaikkonen View Post
Humm. I bought that D99 and I like it. But I thought that it would have a bit nicer radio and other controls like:

but no :/
I haven't found yet different solution for that.
For android I have found modified firms.
Does someone have a way to change that UI?
that is a pic of the older D95 unit.... Ive never heard anyone say they like the D95 radio interface more than the D99....but I suppose its a matter of opinion. But to answer your question, no it cant be changed.

Originally Posted by bin01123 View Post

I'm still rocking my Windows version of the Dynavin unit. Are there any updated maps for 2012 or late 2011?

Originally Posted by Pahkis View Post
Hello there guys! Got myself the D99 WinCe Dynavin for my E46 bimmer and I have to say I'm really happy about the device. But a couple of questions... first, is it at all possible to change the "splash screen"/boot logo to something else? I'd kinda like it show something bimmer related

And then the other bigger question. About the navi-side of the device. The navi-program has frozen a couple of times in such a way that the only way to wake it up was to reset the device by for example unplugging the power cable. Can this be related to the currently low gps signal strength? I'm gonna put the gps-reciever box to a better place, right now the gps signal strength isn't the best possible. Have you guys experienced this navi freeze problem at all? When the navi frozes it just shows a blank screen and nothing happens... I'm using Sygic's latest maps.
for the splash the D99 there is a setting in the "hidden" factory settings menu for that, there was a sheet with your manual that explained the factory settings menu.

Your GPS problems are not from the antenna but dont sound good..... maybe a defective nav card?

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