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Ouch! That is a catastrophic failure if I ever saw one...
Sorry to see this happen to a fellow fanatic.
Just be glad it didn't occur when you were driving!

Here's some of my observations and thoughts:
(I'm taking this out of 'posting' sequence - Post#17)

Originally Posted by DRICHFL View Post
Mango I see your point but less then 30k miles ago the stealer replace all the parts you recommend replacing under an extended warranty program. I had an over heating problem and I allowed them to deal with it. Believe me they replace all the parts so that they could make money off the warranty. Needless to say that has been years ...
What ALL parts were replaced? Do you have the original list of parts- was the ATT replaced at the same time??

Also, what was the mileage when the overheating first occurred?

Originally Posted by DRICHFL View Post
... I not taking the blame for these items not holding up. Again things sometimes just happens.
That's true. BUT, in your case > if a certain part was NOT replaced/neglected (or slightly/minutely broken but left in place, ie: ATT) that could cause a major failure down the line/road. In that case, it was predictable.

What's that old saying... "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link"

Originally Posted by DRICHFL View Post
Its OEM Henst Autotech.
Originally Posted by DRICHFL View Post or for reference.
You are buying said "OEM" parts from a chinese manufacturer/supplier... **

This is a serious lapse in judgement or you are a heavy gambler because these parts are Not up to spec and are guaranteed to fail.

Originally Posted by DRICHFL View Post
I'm not sure why this happen. Could it be a weak expansion tank, bad cap or the radiator had a weak spot. Im just not sure.
One reason why I believe OE expansion tanks can fail is due to the design of the ATT (automatic transmission thermostat). When the small retaining cap breaks, it can cause "over pressure" within the tank >
Reference my video on expansion tank diagnosis on my youtube channel.

If you look carefully at your own photo, you can see that exact same cockeyed break in the cap (top of the ATT) that I was referencing below

Disclaimer -
I do not work/own/associate with said company. So what I say is strictly of my opinions and has nothing to do with this forum or the forum's owner.

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