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Originally Posted by Brem46 View Post
firstly i know a diesel renault or rover or anything like that is a POS which is why i would never drive them.

secondly, i drove a large engined LC, and i currently own a S/C Range Rover and in the process of that purchase i test drove a Cayenne, X5, ML and a lexus.

the land cruiser i drove was not in london, was out in the country so i could open it up if i chose to, it just felt rather subdued compared to other SUV's i have driven, comparing it to the other SUV - YES it has space and YES i would love that in a vehicle, but comparing it to other SUV's of a similar price the LC is slow and bloated and boats about on the road to a point where i didnt feel safe.

the ride was overly bouncy and it felt like it had no pep to it, i did drive a SWB LC think it was a 99' which felt much better to play with but then again you loose the benefits of having a car of that size then.

if it were my own decision personally, i would hit up a Range Rover all day, it feels tight, not as bouncy of floppy, steering whilst a huge SUV is direct and precise.

the lexus RX that i test drove, was a good quality very nice car, i was testing the 450H which was completely silent, did take a while to pick up you pressed the gas but IMO not nearly as long as the LC

now pick up your toys

I think you're missing the point of a Land Cruiser if you're cross-shopping it with a Lexus RX, which is a rich housewive's purse (maybe it's different in the UK, but in the US, it is very uh, feminine). A rich housewive can also drive around in a Land Cruiser, but an off-road enthusiast would not drive an RX.

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