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OMG! NEW - Canon G15

I have been bouncing around for a while for a nice small(er) camera.

I have gone through s40,s45,s50,s60,s70,s80 & G9.

I currently use an SX260HS and 300HS, then I found a G11, and S95 at a good price on ebay and bought them to compare.

I have been debating the S100 & G12.

It seems like none of them have everything.

SX260HS = 25mm lens, 20x optical zoom, Digic 5, but no Raw and f3.5
G12 - larger lens, midsize, but Digic 4 and 28mm, and f2.8
S100 - 24mm, RAW, Digic 5, f2.0, but smaller lens, smaller body, lens issues
G1X - larger lens, larger sensor, but f2.8, expensive ($800)

I kept thinking that if they would make a G13 with the best of the G12 and the best of the S100, it would be perfect...

Well, I just stumbled across this on the Canon website...

G15. Pretty awesome specs.

If I am reading this right....it has an f/1.8 to f/2.8 lens!

Although it is only 5x zoom, f2.8 at the full telephoto is AMAZING! Pair that up with Digic 5 and the HS system and this will probably be the best low light/bokeh small camera ever made (IMO)

Looks like they went away from the articulating screen on this one. I think its bigger at 3.0" vs 2.8"?


This is pretty cool too....SX50 - 50x Optical Zoom
Canon is making it harder and harder to justify a DSLR for everyday shooting.

24mm wide
1200mm tele
Digic 5 HS
High Burst Mode
2.8" articulating screen

There is also the new S110...

Not much different than S100 except it has the new touch screen.

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