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Originally Posted by SLVR JDM View Post
Glock - I'm a photo newbie. I'm guessing this is geared more for the point and shoot crowd who wants better pictures, correct? My wife dropped our DSLR and we need a replacement, but at the same time, we never really got the hang of the camera we had. If I can get something simpler which still produces great pictures it would be ideal.

Looks like these (G15 and SX50) shoots HD video too which is a plus.
Originally Posted by GlockMan View Post
Honestly, with the new processors, I would put a G15 against the Rebel line with kit lenses all day long. There are things DSLRs can do better, but not if its left at home.

I have a 60D and 15-85mm and 70-300mm and 50mm and 430EXII and 270EXII.

That is about $2500 worth of gear and I would use the G15 or S110 75-90% of the time I need a camera.

Heck, I love my new SX260HS and it is on sale at Best Buy for like $250!

If you WANT a DSLR or NEED a DSLR buy one, if you want great pics, there are other options (especially if you leave your DSLR in Auto or Portrait mode.)

DSLRs shine with EXPENSIVE lenses. I would take a $500 G15 over a $500 DSLR as is all day long.

As always, JMO.
Look at the SX50 when it comes out. It is like a hybrid between a point and shoot and a DSLR. It should be around $500.

It has a 50x optical zoom. That would be about 12" worth of lens on a DSLR. lol. It also has a very wide 24mm.

So remember your kit lens? probably 18-55mm - That is 24mm-90mm ish. This one is 24mm - 1200mm ish. lol

Anyway, for someone who does not demand a DSLR, it might be a really great camera for you.
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