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I agree with much of what you say, but to say that you can do 99% of what a DSLR can do with a point and shoot is just false..

the facts are:

A 28mm lens on a point and shoot can never be a 14mm lens, or a 200mm lens, or a fisheye, etc.. you are stuck with whatever range you are given with that lens.

1.8 aperature can never be 1.2 or 1.4, although 1.8 is still quite large i give you that.

That sensor in that point in shoot, or your 60D with never get you the depth of field that a Full Frame senor can provide.

Also, which I'm sure you know but haven't mentioned, its not the ability to change settings, it how conveniently and quickly you can change settings which is why a point and shoot will never replace a DSLR for someone who needs to quickly change settings.

And like you mentioned, the quality of glass makes a huge difference.. I own quite a few Canon L lenses and and to say a point and shoot lens could compare is just insane.

Anway, right tool for the right job i guess, and point and shoots are great tools, and the G15 is probably great.

BTW, have you seen the Sony's new full frame "point and shoot"? The Sony RX1.. looks pretty sick, but crazy price of $2799


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It really is not about the controls, the G15, and S110, etc will have the DSLR controls. It is about the expensive glass with a DSLR. Cheap glass on a DSLR is not any better than cheap glass on a pocket camera.

I use my pocket cameras all the time on manual controls. That is the difference between a $99 pocket camera and a $449 S110 pocket camera. You can 99% as much on a G or S line camera as a DSLR then upgrade later when it really matters and keep the G or S as your backup or travel.

I had like 6 S line cameras and a G9 before my first DSLR.

Here is a link to pictures taken with a $499 Canon G12...


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