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Originally Posted by cnebrask View Post
I agree with much of what you say, but to say that you can do 99% of what a DSLR can do with a point and shoot is just false..

the facts are:

A 28mm lens on a point and shoot can never be a 14mm lens, or a 200mm lens, or a fisheye, etc.. you are stuck with whatever range you are given with that lens.

1.8 aperature can never be 1.2 or 1.4, although 1.8 is still quite large i give you that.

That sensor in that point in shoot, or your 60D with never get you the depth of field that a Full Frame senor can provide.

And like you mentioned, the quality of glass makes a huge difference.. I own quite a few Canon L lenses and and to say a point and shoot lens could compare is just insane.

Anway, right tool for the right job i guess, and point and shoots are great tools, and the G15 is probably great.
99% of a DSLR at the same price

Are you really going to compare a $500 camera to a $2500 camera with $7500 worth of lenses?

Give me a break.

Compare a G15 with f1.8-f2.8 and Digic 5
his XSi with a f3.5-f5.6 and Digic 3

then tell me I am crazy.

PS - the 99% of what you can do was talking about function and control NOT picture quality.
PPS - you are a fool if you think a $10,000 pro set up will give you 20 times the picture quality on the go. We are talking about value here not pixel peeping.
PPS - DSLRs do not fit in pockets. I am not talking about replacing DSLRs for DSLR users.
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