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Originally Posted by cnebrask View Post
Hey not trying to argue, was just saying that your comment of "99% of a DSLR at the same price" is incorrect, that's all. I didn't understand that by DSLR you meant entry level DSLR, which in that case you probably 99% correct!

Seriously though, you are right if you are comparing a G15 with a XSi, the only advantage the XSi has is the ability to swap lenses, but the G15 makes up for that in size. Like i said, right tool for the right job. And not to mention the majority of people don't know how to use a DSLR manually and there for a point and shoot is perfect.

No hard feelings man!

Btw, a friend of mine who is an avid photographer just picked up the Sony RX100 and I have to say the pictures are pretty impressive. It would be in the same category as the G15.. Check it out, Zeiss glass, 1.8 aperature, 1" 20MP sensor.. pretty incredible.
no hard feelings. I get hyper-sensitive when excited.

I know Sony has some real nice stuff. I looked hard at the nex5n. It just did not feel comfortable to me.

I know the RX100 is nice, but the G15 is only at f2.0 or f2.4 while the RX100 is at f4.9 in tele. It is also @ $200 more.

I am just tired of lugging my 60d around when a smaller camera would be more appropriate.
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