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Originally Posted by dreamdrivedrift View Post
Umm, no.
I'm not looking for a GF. Haven't been. Wasted last year thinking there was going to be one when it was completely the opposite. I had one sophomore year who was insecure about herself and ended up ****ing others when we were "together".

I'm not the type of guy to get completely ****-faced and go out for an instant hook-up...even if it sounds like it. 2nd week of school I ended up hooking up with a neighbor, but it was all on her part. Went out together the night before, did nothing. Next night we separated ourselves from the rest of my roommates and hers, next thing you know I go to walk her home from a bar we were just chilling at talking and she's "locked out" and the opportunity presented itself.

Regardless, I'm not here to be a douche, take advantage...yada yada. Just here to have a good time.

Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
1. Stop thinking what the movies portray as how to pick up women.
2. Understand that not banging on the first night, is not failing.
3. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself and leave once you feel it won't happen that night, familiarize yourself.
4. There are always girls(ugly, or just major whores) at the bar that want to smash that night, but most men want to go for the girl that is to their own personal bar they feel they can get. Girls too hot, scares most men, men want slightly too hot.
5. If you want a quick fvck, you'll have to be better than a typical guy that only wants a quick fvck in a girls mind.
6. The first thing a girl thinks when a guy approaches them, is this guy wants to have sex with me. Girls go out to get attention from guys, you failing gave her what she wanted.
7. You have to differentiate yourself from other guys and get their guard down.
8. Make your approach as little like an approach as possible, approach like it's a coworker or friend.
9. CONFIDENCE. Be self-centered, but not like an ass. Worry about you, don't subconsciously bow to the girl when you walk up. You are equal, not a guy begging to go home with a girl.
10. Treat them as a human, not some prize you wish to catch. They are people with needs too, but they don't want a guy that treats them that way.
11. Avoid traditional or common ways to get a girl (buy a drink, ask to dance, tell her she's beautiful). You approaching means your interested, the rest is understood. Make yourself different, ask her to buy YOU a drink confidently, but with a sarcastic smirk.
12. When you approach, start with something to get her mind away from the fact you just approached her. If you can get her talking with genuine interest, you've opened. Let her talk as much as you can.
13. Don't be afraid to go buy yourself a drink, and leave her be, but you must know she's actually interested. Most guys get a little pull on the line, and suffocate them.
14. Don't bring up taking them home, if they want to go home with you, they'll be clear about it by asking to tag along, or follow you wherever you go.
15. Understand that if you get her number, doesn't mean she'll ever respond. College girls give out their number a dozen times a night. Sober vs drunk girl intentions are different. Get as many as you can, girls will see you doing that, and become a bit intrigued.

You know why girls like a guy with a girlfriend? Because you aren't paying them any attention, you're centered around your personal situation. Act the same way now, that your situation is all that matters to you, and going home with them doesn't really matter to you. You just thought it would be nice to meet them. You become the prey for them, because you aren't acting like most guys and surrendering everything to them.
Thanks for the advice. Like I said earlier, I was never expecting a hook-up to happen and it was just hanging out with my roommates at a party. I just I gotta keep that mentality and let it take its course.

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