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Haha, no worries man.

I actually bought the NEX5 when it first came out.. I used it as my travel camera for a few months but never got in a groove with it so I sold it. I was impressed with the image quality though and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sony products, coming from someone being heavily vested into Canon.

I think the strong notes of the Sony Rx100 are the sensor size (1" vs 1/1.7" of the canon) and the Zeiss glass. It looks like the Sony RX100 is more in competition with the Canon G1x though, at least in terms of price.

Anyway, best of luck man, enjoy whatever you get!

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no hard feelings. I get hyper-sensitive when excited.

I know Sony has some real nice stuff. I looked hard at the nex5n. It just did not feel comfortable to me.

I know the RX100 is nice, but the G15 is only at f2.0 or f2.4 while the RX100 is at f4.9 in tele. It is also @ $200 more.

I am just tired of lugging my 60d around when a smaller camera would be more appropriate.
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