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Originally Posted by bryce-o View Post
well, it's most likely user error. our cars are all wired the same. if installed correctly, an o2 sim will keep the CEL off, allow readiness to be set, and emissions testing to be passed indefinitely. i've never experienced any issues using o2 sims. no CEL, not codes, no problems.
No. No, no no. It has everything to do with typical usage routines and driving styles/habits. Not every car 'adapts' the same.

If you're not here to contribute to the information and discussion initiated by the OP then please leave. I have used both, wired correctly every time, and the O2 sim WILL fail eventually. I don't care if you pretended to be impartial in your first post, you keep following-up with people who did nothing but answer your question, blaming them for not knowing how to wire something in. Yet these are the people who installed LC-1s.

My O2 sim threw codes within 170 miles of driving on highway. In the city, no problem. But any highway trip over 40 minutes and BAM, codes.

A programmable curve output is the only complete solution, period.
AA Stg2+ 325xiA? Are you stupid? Maybe a little.
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