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Originally Posted by YGOAMG View Post
You mean go square setup? ye that will make it look alot tougher!!

I think go Mtech2 all 'round is the best option..

just give the car a bit of a tidy up.. i think...
you've got a heap of little nicks/chips/scratches..
if u fix them up before modding anymore it will look ALOT cleaner as it is
Yup! I definitely agree, i was gonna do that but im not sure if its really worth it, if i can find a good deal i will. I picked up some OEM M3 mirrors for DIRT cheap in the summer, im not sure if i should install those too

Originally Posted by naMKaren View Post
Did well.
Got a log of all the repairs?
Yup! Ill include the pricing for the rebuild aswell!

Rad support ~$100
Rad~ $165
New xenons because on both headlights the tabs broke ~$200
Hood ~$100

Paint for the hood and quarter panel because it had a few dents ~$400

then i also replaced the brakes, power steering pump and thermostat. Gonna do a lot more maintenance over the winter
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