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Originally Posted by yamashek View Post
hello all,

just wondering for e46 non-M and e46 M's, what is the maximum negative camber achievable at the rear for stock control arms?

anyone DIY their rear camber on the e46?


I was/still am very low in my M. I was able yo get -3.0 on both rears when they were maxed out. This was stock though.

Now I have SPC Camber Arms, best $179 I spent on suspension. I now run -4.5, and plan to knock it out to -5.0. And I've been told i could go up to as much as -10 if i really wanted. But thats CRAZY!!!

Originally Posted by Miami Style View Post
Not trying to sound like an idiot nor someone that can't read but are you guys talking about the stock rear control arms that come from factory ? if so what do you do to adjust it to negative camber ? thanks in advance
Stock Arms.

People running aftermarket arms can get all the way up to -10 or greater depending in how low you are.
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