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Originally Posted by YGOAMG View Post
Here is a bit of a story or you guys

Coming onto the M3 (Eastern) FWY (Outbound) earlier today. Minimal Traffic ~2.00pm.
In the RHL and see ahea that traffic in building up in this lane (WTF).
Im on a slight incline and see the culprit. Its a VicPol marked Divisional Van!!!
Anyway, I want to travel at at least 100km/h (but under 110), So decide to go to the 2nd (of 4) lane. unertake a few slow moving cars (who obviously are afraid of going any faster than this "cop").
I get into the 3rd land , next to the police officer and speed match him, I estimated his speed to be ~80km/h. As im next to this cop i decide to have a look. His on his own and his a Cnst. His also ON THE PHONE. (Thats why his going so slow because his not concerntrating on driving). I jump infront of him (cut him off a little just to let him know im there) and do the Fernando Alonso hand shake.
He then moves over to left to the 3rd lane.

In VIC its 2 demerit points for travelling in the RHL unlawfully.
And 3 points for using a mobile.

Many drivers also do not understand that when the transit lane is in operation (7am -930am weekdays) the next lane to the left becomes the OVERTAKING lane. Like the normal RHL is.
SO at 710 am, when its not very congested .. MOVE THE F**K OVER, and let me past !!!!
After all that, I just want to know what the "Fernando Alonso hand shake" is...
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