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Originally Posted by deadwood83 View Post
No. No, no no. It has everything to do with typical usage routines and driving styles/habits. Not every car 'adapts' the same.

If you're not here to contribute to the information and discussion initiated by the OP then please leave. I have used both, wired correctly every time, and the O2 sim WILL fail eventually. I don't care if you pretended to be impartial in your first post, you keep following-up with people who did nothing but answer your question, blaming them for not knowing how to wire something in. Yet these are the people who installed LC-1s.

My O2 sim threw codes within 170 miles of driving on highway. In the city, no problem. But any highway trip over 40 minutes and BAM, codes.

A programmable curve output is the only complete solution, period.
i'm not trolling or trying to be disrespectful. i was just giving my perspective.

i've had 5-6 cars that were catless by modification. on most of the cars, i used o2 sim type devices (electronic resistors wired into the ecu harness). the n54 twin turbo is even more sensitive and hard to fool than the m54/s54 engines. on my 135i and 335i, i never had any issues with a $40 o2 sim. several years, tens of thousands of miles, no codes or issues.

on my e46, i used the same technique. wired in an o2 sim into harness connected to the ecu. so far, about 6k miles with no issues. yes, i have a long commute that's about 50 miles each way, highway miles. yes, i've also gone 330 miles one way (there and back, 650 or so combined) on a road trip in this time frame. no codes or issues.

for the guys that want to be competely thorough, the lc-1 is a proven solution. for guys that have experience with other bmw's outside of the e46, we know that an lc-1 is not necessary to run catless, regardless of driving style, distance driven, or any other factors.

it may be easier and more reliable to just pony up the $ for the lc-1, plus the necessary welding and wideband o2 sensor installation. i was just pointing out that it's not required, that's all.

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