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Originally Posted by k2spitfire View Post
lol i remember one lab where i got fed up and left one of the answers "no"
I had a really vague question in a surveying course, something to do with some kind of geometry and it asked what was in the middle of a shape, so I put "the soft nougaty center". I had the same sentiments toward an intro to engineering class that was really an intro to computing & unix. I only came to class to take the midterm and final, got an A on both and an A on the final project but they failed me twice because I never showed up for the quizes. Finally, on round 3, they told me to come in and take the final at the end of the semester and passed me.

Originally Posted by wceoscar View Post
I'm halfway trough my IE degree but so far Calculus II, Statics, Electricity & Magnetism and Chemistry have all given me an unpleasant time.
Depending on how far you take statics/solid mechanics, you'll look back at statics and laugh. I had my first test yesterday in Mechanics I (first in a long line of physics mechanics courses) and 2/5 questions were straight up statics. I have never felt more intelligent.

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