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Originally Posted by 217Bimmer View Post
the useless **** was the most annoying. computer science was taught by a bunch of pimply faced virgins. chemistry also sucked. my ta was hot as **** and i spent the semester trying to bang her, but the lecture was by some boring ass i don't even remember. math wan't too hard, except that it also was taught by some nerdy ass know it all ta's who would rather be doing some good will hunting **** instead of lowly calc and linear alg. in eng the hardest ones were the math based signal processing **** that was like another language.

i was bsme.
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then hopefully you never fly
Haha. I work for Parker Aerospace

Sure ya have it down just giving a hard time.
Personally I love comp sci. little bro just signed with Apple on comp sci. Already making me look like a peasant lol.
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