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Originally Posted by Ballstowalls View Post
Throw in a race seat(or stock one) and se how fast your car will be with all that weight out !!!! Subscribed
LOL!!! I bet the car is crazy light now....

Originally Posted by filipinoise View Post
Subscribed. Can't wait to see the outcome, may even be doing this to my car when I have the time to do so (thinking Summer 2013).. So this will definitely be helpful. Looking good so far!

I do have one question for you, though - what did the guys at Leatherique say when you requested Imola Red dye? I remember a member here on E46fanatics doing his interior dyeing project in Cinnamon since Leatherique had said something about Imola Red not being to hold the dye together all too well over time for certain reasons.
I explained that on my first post...

Originally Posted by braymond141 View Post
I hope you're ready for the poor results of Leatherique (regardless of application style).

The leather found originally in your M3 was colored by pigmentation (painting) and then a top coat (clear coat, matte). Any product that is a one step solution is far from proper or of quality.
Thanks for the concern... If it does not hold up, I am prepared to buy the OEM Imola parts. I just thought I'd do this first and see how it comes out...

So my question is... How do you explain these? These guys had leatherique applied to their interiors and it has been more than a year now and their interior looks great still.. It might have just been the way you prepped your interior... I did not just come up with that conclusion because I personally spoke with them...

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