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Originally Posted by TonyJ View Post
The coolant level sensor needs to be in the correct position, otherwise it will measure coolant incorrectly. Maybe it won't cause much trouble to hang it loosely, but as the BMW owner, it is a legally binding requirement to do things correctly

The sensor has a notch on it, and it should be a slot connected to the hole at the bottom of the coolent tank. If you can take a picture it would easier to explain. You need to match the notch with the slot and push all the way in. It is not tight, just gently push in then twist to lock it into place.
Originally Posted by joegr View Post
There's no problem with this as long as you don't want it to work correctly. If you want it to work correctly, then it has to be correctly locked in.

I tried again.......another failure.

I tried rotating it in every direction but only one way works. I can get it in there, but it does not want to rotate. doggone it...
It sits in the bottom but it has not fallen out. I'll throw some duct tape on it until I figure it out. At least it will remain in position.

It might be going to an indy shop anyhow..............

New problem............I noticed that when I cut on the car that it whistles from the did not do that before. Please tell me it is just from sitting for 2 weeks and not because I have a bigger problem. ......please reassure me that the damage is limited to the expansion tank and nothing else. I have not driven it more than a few miles since I replaced the tank. The coolant level is where it should be, and it is not leaking.
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