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Originally Posted by Heydin View Post
Actually, Chris was sold this system knowing that we, ProEFI, had not yet had an application working for the Z4M, because we had not had a car in our shop to diagnose and sort through any errors that might occur. Chris was also told that there would be no issues running the engine, however keeping everything else happy was to be determined. To which Chris replied, We will figure it out. I have been working closely with John, even on my off days, to diagnose and figure out what is going on. After looking at the information he sent me it seems that there is a ground loop in the system providing back feed that is making the computer unhappy.

I say this not to start an argument, but don't discredit us for an application that we stated FROM THE BEGINNING was NOT tested and that had not yet been used.

"John traced all the wires and they trace through correctly. We are now checking ot see if it's in the CAN bus. ProEFI is providing lots of help. It's the first Z4M they've done so there will be a learning curve.

Like Chris said we are trying to be as helpful as possible, but it is hard to diagnosis a car without physically having the car in front of you. John and I will hopefully continue working together to solve this issue.

So basar, I can assure you, at least from my end, that we care about our customers and that I care about their investments into their car. I look forward to seeing your car run with ProEFI, however I ask for your patience and understanding while we work through these initial issues we see on many of our application in their beginning stages. I understand your patience has been spread thin, however that should not reflect on us. We have been as prompt as possible in returning questions and technical support to the staff at HPF.

Hopefully in the end this build can reflect the great potential I know rests in both companies.

Where is Lutz at in all this with the Z4M in their shop? Any feedback from them at all?
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