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bit of a dilemma

i just turned 19. i know i'm young so bear with me. there's a girl i work with and she is SEXY. but she just turned 17. blonde hair, blue eyes, nice tits, nice ass, and nice face, the whole 9 yards. She is a Dallas cowboy cheerleader in training, dance team captain, and FLEXIBLE oh god shes flexible. but here's the deal. she wants more than anything to hook up with me. not even date just hook up (she has straight up told me this). i cant bring myself to hook up with someone underage. what are my boundaries with this girl? just string her along till her 18th birthday at midnight? fvck i cant wait that long if i am going to do something with her. what would you guys do if you were in my situation? my age and everything?

also she is dumb as a rock common sense-wise but still has a 4.1 GPA... wut?
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