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Originally Posted by trive2 View Post
We had a half day like that called a "beginner session" at Willowbank with the club. What are the insurances and the like involved? Do I have to organise through a car club or the like? We had a little more cars on the track at a time split into three groups, so about 20 again. I think 30 people would be a nice appropriate number, it makes it considerably cheaper for everyone else.

Would you be interested in helping organise another one of these days? I enjoy BMW Club events but they won't organise another amateur day, preferring proper race days where I have to pay $225 just to run around for fun. I can't afford that!
I'm already booked in for another 4 track days over the next year sorry mate. Probably don't need any more!

From experience I would recommend not having any more than 6-7 cars on track at a time. You want everyone to have adequate space should something go wrong (lose control or mechanical issues). If you split into 4 groups this would bring the price to around $150pp. I know the $3,600 was for everything so I think that included some sort of public liability. It was organised privately but not by myself so I don't know the ins and outs.

The cost to get on the track is only a fraction of the actual cost to you. You need to consider the work that will be required on your car before and after the day. Everything adds up even if you're willing to do the work yourself. At a bare minimum you need aftermarket pads - my OEM pads started losing chunks at the track, I also got pad deposits on my rotors which caused a hum under braking so I had to sand down my rotors with 600 grit paper after the day (PITA). You'll also want some better brake fluid with a higher boiling temp to avoid brake fade.

Also take into account the increased wear and tear on all the components that will be under extreme stress at the track, tires, transmission etc.

I'm not trying to deter you from getting on the track. It's great fun and you become a far better drive on the street as a result. Having said that though, if spending an extra $70-100 for the use of the track is a concern then you may want to consider holding off for a while so as to not find yourself in a situation when parts need replacing before or after the day.

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