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Firstly to GSherbs - we are not supposed to do any routine maintenance in our underground/under-apartment car parking bays (which we have to pay extra for...), here in Hong Kong - so naturally, one doesn't. On the other hand, Emergency repairs Are allowed - and it's astounding how many "emergency repairs' one can find to do on an old Triumph Tiger, Harley Sportster, BMW R1200C, Ducati Monster and Kawasaki Vulcan, before one bites the bullet and buys an old Beemer banger to play with...!

To the magnificent Mango - thanks for the comments on my first post, though I don't plan to dive straight into my cooling system just yet.
Then again, I have bought this Bavarian beast, knowing full well that "the heater doesn't work very well" (unquote), so I may well be taking your - very comprehensive - Cooling System Kit list of part numbers to the local BMW dealer in Kowloon - sooner than I would have hoped...! With only around 60,000 miles in your currency, I'm hoping to just do the more mundane stuff like oils & plugs, before delving deeper under that bonnet (sorry - that's the hood, for our colonial cousins...), though I'll now be having a very close look at the expansion tank for cracks/fluid level, then possibly starting her up from "cold" (that's a relative concept, over here...), and watching the temperature indication to see if we get the expected rise, then slight drop - as our thermostat opens.
If there is an actual heater problem, carrying out your "Refreshment" of the cooling system should establish a good baseline from which to start further fault diagnosis, and the mileage is about right for such a project. One reason for going from two to four wheels (apart from preferring air-conditioned, leather-covered luxury seating...), was to have another toy to play with whilst keeping these old fingers greasy - yet without disturbing anything that is running well. As an ancient English aircraft engineer for several decades used to say: "If it ain't f**ked, don't fix it...!" So I'll bear that in mind whilst happily getting to know some inner workings of this smooth old 6-pot.
Pictures may follow later, though it's a plain old silver 4-door saloon and nothing too special to look at. Until you take a peek under the skin, so to speak, and marvel at the clever toolkit (all intact...!), in the boot lid (sorry, trunk), and that magnificent motor in the front - with six little ignition coils, each sparking their own NGK Platinum plug (that's what I'll be installing, anyways...), plus even a dedicated power post for jump starting...!
Now I know why we buy BMW's.

Cheers guys - and apologies if I go on a little...!

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