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Originally Posted by Busabos77 View Post

So my question is... How do you explain these? These guys had leatherique applied to their interiors and it has been more than a year now and their interior looks great still.. It might have just been the way you prepped your interior... I did not just come up with that conclusion because I personally spoke with them...
Based on what do their interiors look great? Rarely do people accurately describe things let alone know how to. Even the LSB interior shown in this thread was deceptively nice in the first picture and then the second picture showed the true glossy finish that is Leatherique.

There were no issues with my prepping. That was clearly documented in the links I provided. Regardless, sandpapering your leather to death like most Leatherique users do is not how leather restoration is done. It is not a good product which I'm telling you from experience.

If you're happy with it... fine. But someone who is prepared to buy the OEM Imola pieces strikes me as someone with very high attention to detail and quality. Goodluck and I guess if you're not happy with it you can peel it off and do it again plastidip style.

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