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Originally Posted by benzovs View Post
I do use heat shrink tubing on new non factory connections. What I mean by new non factory wire connections is this; When I spliced into the tachometer wire, this was a "factory wire connection" I stripped the insulation, and then wrapped my wire around it to solder it. In order for me to put heat shrink tubing around that, I would first have to cut it, slide the heat shrink on it, and then solder it. My siren however, was a new non factory wire connection. The wires were never intact, so cutting the wire was never an issue. I could slide the heat shrink tubing on before I soldered, and then seal it up. Now, there is nothing wrong with cutting most of the factory wiring so that you could slide heat shrink tubing on it. It takes an extra 2 steps that total an extra 5 minutes tops per connection. There are no real benefits electrically. I do prefer heat shrink tubing for 3 reasons: it is cleaner looking, is a much tighter fit, and it doesn't get sticky after time. I usually use heat shrink tubing when I'm using loom around my wiring. Since this specific installation calls for electrical tape as my loom, i decided to forgo the heat shrink tubing. But in general and IMO, heat shrink tubing is a better route.
Oh I didn't see that you just simply tapped the wire and didn't cut it. Can't get skrink wrap on unless you cut it.
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