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Overheat, Overly Joyed...NOT

So quick background. Driving home from work last night I was on an off ramp and heard what sounded like a pop sort of from my rear ended (I think) and I looked down at my dash and realized the temp was in the red. So immediately pulled over and shut the car off. A month ago, I was told by a shop that I needed to replace a faulty thermostat and last week I noticed a sort of burning smell after an hour commute (self diagnosed it to be needing to replace the VCG). So this morning I noticed what looked like burnt oil on near what looked like a heat shield near the valve cover. Also checked and I had no coolant in the tank.

Would the faulty temp assembly and bad VCG cause the overheat and combine to deplete my coolant?

Also, I am faced with trying to repair, for the VCG and thermostat assembly it seems to be roughly $100 for the parts vs going to a shop and paying close to $600.

Thoughts help and opinions are appreciated. And no need to call me stupid for not fixing the issues immediately, I realize that and kicked myself all last night for it. fuqqq
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