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Once again, your coolant obviously went somewhere if the tank is empty. It drained out either as you were sitting waiting to get towed or drained out as you were driving and overheating (I cringe thinking about the latter situation). As far as where you heard the noise. That is quite subjective at this point. The noise may very well have come from the rear of the car, but IMHO I highly doubt it. Not much, if anything relates to overheating in the rear of the car. The closest idea I have is maybe the engine made a popping noise from being so hot???(Not sure that is even possible though since I've never overheated ). However, many things can pop in the engine bay (e.g. hoses, ET, water pump, etc.) Like I said before, when you get a chance, look from above and below to see if you can spot any holes related to your cooling system. This is beating a dead horse until you get in there and tell us what you see.

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