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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
You didn't drive your car to work, did you? If you did...oh noes!

I'd have guessed your pop was ET, and that you don't have coolant. ETs pop...and then the plastic being so brittle, crack in such a way that it's hard to see. Also, when you shut down after an ET crack, they often seal themselves...the pressure from the system is quickly relieved with a cracked anything...and the coolant could easily have been blown back off the underskirt.

You need to find the leak, the reason why you have a leak (which might be more than that the ET popped, for instance). A closed therm is definitely a reason why the system would overheat.

$300 buys you a whole system (another $150 if you need a radiator...which you might at around 150K or above typically).

I'll save you the long cooling lecture as you can find it all over the place.

VCG is straightforward...but should be fixed. Figure 4 hours the first time (another 4 hours learning how to do it)...under 2 after that.

$300 won't buy you squat. You're better off taking a sledge hammer and beating your entire car with it. Cause that's what you set yourself up for when you half-ass the important parts of the cooling system. Yes yes not everyone has the funds, but you're assuming the OP is a poor skidmark. How about you recommend the best first, and spell out an option for those who can't afford it? Strong emphasis needs to be placed on excellence.

The radiator is the core of the system--it's prone to leakage at any time. It must be replaced as preventive maintenance. (Look, Wolrab, I said preventive!)

OP, the system is $500 for manual, $720 for automatic. I've driven the cost down substantially by finding BMAparts.com (before everyone used to order from ECS or Turner's Motorsports and used to pay about $750/$1,000)

Not anymore.

OP, see sig, do it all. You don't know how many times I have to repeat this weekly. Read the first link then tell me what you think. Simple as that.

Jake, we need those popups!
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