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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
For someone wanting to fix a broken cooling system, without enough money to replace everything, I'm just saying that the radiator seems to hold up nicely. It's rare it has a catastrophic failure at the neck, and the leak between plastic and aluminum (which I had) is commonly not seen before high mileage.

$300 gets you everything else but the radiator. That's not really squat, is it? It addresses the most common issues we have--therm, wp, and ET.

But, on the other hand, your $500-700 doesn't get you the four ancillary hoses or hard pipes...not the whole system either.

I've said many times I agree with you to do the radiator after so many miles...I think after 120K it makes sense to do. My radiator failed at 180K miles...and I can't recall threads where a radiator has failed at under 100K...though I'm sure it's happened.

Peace brother!
Radiator failure is not rare. We get a few threads a week on that. Imagine the ones that don't post. The reason you think it's rare is because the cars are now reaching an age where the radiator plastic and rubber seals has succumbed to heat and heat cycling.

While I agree the hardpipes and other rear hoses should be done, I've basically never seen a failure. They're very hard to get to and not practical for the average DIYer to do. Doing so would prevent the entire system from being replaced and we wouldn't want that.

Those who know how to replace those particular parts are smart enough to figure out on their own if they need it. For the rest of beginner DIYers, my guide and recommendations are thorough and complete for all intents and purposes.

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Very commendable, Mango! We'll make an honorary Englishman out of you yet...
As I understand it, the English English way is actually preventative.
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