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I feel like you've given a couple hints as to why you have yet to reach your goals.

#1 - Nutrition.

Are you getting enough protein? You should have at minimum 165g a day, and be more in the 165-230g a day range.

What is your fat intake? If its only around 20-30% of your daily calorie intake, with protein being 20-30%, that means 40-60% of your calories come from carbs... and at 4 kCal a gram you are probably not eating over maintenance calorie level.

My suggestion to you is to calculate your maintenance calories. This is the start level for where you need to eat to maintain your current weight. Since you want to add weight, but with the goal picture you posted be at a sub 10% BF level, you should consider the following:

Calculate your maintenance calories, and eat 500 calories more than that on workout days. It's impossible for most men to do this in 3 meals eating clean. If you slam down 6-7 pieces of pizza, different story. This is counter-intuitive to your goals however. You should aim for 4 meals minimum, im guessing your maintenance will be around 1800 calories... so 2300 calories, at around 600 a meal. This is for workout days only, and since intense weightlifting burns significant calories, you should add a 5th "meal" post workout, of a protein shake in the 300-500 calorie range. Achieve this by using 2 scoops of 24g per scoop protein (ON whey etc), and some high fat moderate sugar greek style yogurt, or heavy cream if you like the taste.

I do not believe you are eating enough food, nor the proper amounts of each nutrient for extensive muscle growth. I honestly believe you are past your initial gains where everything is much easier, and its going to be more difficult to see gains without more specific nutrition/work ethic. IMO at least!

#2 - Intensity & Reps

That workout program is so-so imo. If you want other examples just say. From personal experience, if you like training in the higher rep ranges, you should stick to between 8-12 reps. You may need to be training more intense, your body has adapted to the initial shock of lifting and you need to step it up to the next level in order to see gains from here on out. If you like the 10-8-6 reps (I hope they told you to up the weight each set, reverse pyramid is the name for the rep scheme) then you should pick a weight that you come close to failing on the last rep on each set... easier said then done but once you find the right one you can monitor progress as it feels lighter each week.

You need to push yourself more I think... your squats should be heavier (given your bench number) and you should be squatting to parallel.

Sorry for the paragraph reply but unlike most people who post this sort of stuff and don't have a clue, you seem dedicated and have just hit a wall. Lots of people here can help you get past it
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