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Originally Posted by choleaoum View Post
That's an old setup, don't be quick to judge. I went threw 4 different sets of Rims already. My customers can vouch for my car and creditability. Just cus I don't waste my day posting doesn't mean I'm not aware.

And yes, I get customers all the time saying "some crazy guy on the forums told me to replace my entire cooling system"

Last night ironically I got a fortune cookie that said "don't fix what's not broken".
Oh. I wasn't talking about your wheels. I also get people coming up to me saying "I wish I had seen your thread earlier--my car overheated and engine warped."

People against thorough preventive maintenance simply can't afford to drive these cars. Period. Yet they try to mask it as them being more experienced or intelligent than you. I can see right through your smokescreen.

You'll spend $8,000 on a car, $2,500 on modz (wheelz, tirez, racelandz, more racelandz) blacked out gwills, innercoolerz, yet you so vehemently are against a proper refresh of the cooling system for $500-720.

Nothing further.
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