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Group Buy: RacingBrake 2-Piece Rotors for E46 M3 ZCP!

I've been talking with Racing Brake about setting up a group buy for their 2 piece rotors for my E46 M3 ZCP and they've gone ahead and set something up! In effort to get as much exposure as possible, I've also posted this on Zpost forums, however if anyone has any other recommendations, let me know!

GROUPBUY LINK at RacingBrake

Rotors can be found here: Link to 2 piece rotors

Note that rotors are 30mm in thickness as compared to OE which are 28mm. OE rotors have min wear at 1.6mm however RB rotors will go 2mm, which is typical for most BBK 2 piece rotors. Combined with the extra hardness of the steel used and the much better cooling, these should last significantly longer than OE. User "TheHACK" on Zpost actually runs these exact rotors that are in this GB. In 2010 he posted that he had had the rotors on the car for 4 years and 4000 miles of track duty and they still had life left. NO WAY an OE rotor would take that abuse! SEE POST

See the below reviews for extensive photos.

The discount is as follows:
15% for 5 or more orders (discounted price: $756.41)
20% for 10 or more orders (discounted price: $711.91)

If we can get enough people this could be a really great deal!

The above prices include RB ET300 brake pads. RB will take $30 off the price if no pads are desired and will charge approximately $40 if you want to upgrade pads to a more aggressive compound...see GB link above.

See these review for the RacingBrake rotor review for 335i and 135i rotors, both of which use the same technology as the rotors here.

Cliffnotes from linked reviews below if you don't want to click (though I recommend you do!)
-The OEM rotor is about 145 on the Brinell hardness scale and the Stoptech rotor is around 171.
The RacingBrake rotors that Mr.5 (OP of 335i review) tested were 196 and 193.
-Better cooling than OE rotors due to center mount rotor configuration (that no other rotors use) and convergent vanes. (Though there is not alot of conclusive date to back this up, it's enough for me that the Mr.5 noticed a 30 degree rotor temp difference in favor of RB rotors.
-E90 325i owner fitted with 135i brakes had reviously noticed fade on the track. After switching to RB rotors fade was gone and OP of review decreased 2 seconds off of lap time by being able to brake later towards end of session.

The 335i review shows a rotor temp difference of around 30 degrees under the same conditions (stock on one side, RB on the other). SEE REVIEW

The 135i review states that OP had issues with fluid boiling and pedal getting soft. RB rotors maintained a nice pedal feel and the OP shaved 2 seconds off his previous time. SEE REVIEW

For those interested in the rear rotors, RB informed me that if this GB was successful, they would most likely start producing the rears as well, and I'm sure we could probably set up a GB for them too. In the meantime however, RB fronts with OEM rears is still a great upgrade.

The group buy closes 10/15/12.
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