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Originally Posted by kaldE46 View Post
Welcome to e46fanatics! You should post a picture of your car.

You should get projector headlights with HID's if you are going to put angel eyes on. They look funky with halogen which I assume you have. I'd stick with the black trim inside as well, it flows a lot better.

In all honesty though, brace yourself for spending serious money on not so fun car parts. Like already mentioned you should go ahead and research about a cooling system overhaul. There are plenty of other things you will likely need to replace to ensure your car stays running and healthy, and if you start buying things like you've listed left and right, you will find yourself struggling to own the car.

There are plenty of things your car needs. You might not be aware yet, but the issues that need to be addressed will show themselves soon, and you'll be lost.
Also, You underestimate my handy man power. I had a HUGE chip in the hood from the previous owner driving mad fast and a rock hitting the hood, my dad just sprayed it with some rustolioum, and left it like that, it gave me a headache, so I got some 500 grit sandpaper, and sanded it even, and then lightly sprayed it, allowing a lot of time in between coats, It literally looks like nothing happened there.
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