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Originally Posted by trive2 View Post
Ah bugger, where do I get into these things!

My car handled the track work perfectly for five hours. I was only feeling hints of brake fade at the end of the laps, because it was given plenty of time to cool off between groups. I didn't do anything to it beyond normal servicing and maintenance before or after. I have no interest in pushing the car and my boundaries, because its my DD and I don't want to have to be slugged with all those costs you're mentioning. I'm specifically NOT interested in the expensive and timed BMW track days for this very reason.
The extra $100 really does make a difference at my level.
Fair enough. I guess it all depends how much you want to push your vehicle. You'll still be prone to increased service costs regardless of how hard you push it on the track (unless you drive like you're on a street in which case there's no point tracking it).

The days I'm talking about are being organised on M3 Post. The one in December is booked out but the other 3 haven't had dates confirmed so there will be spaces once the date and time is sorted.

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