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Started the main unit wiring

So today I got the brake wire, clutch bypass wire, transponder bypass, trunk pin, and fog lights wired up.

Before you begin, you want to make sure you have one of these tools so that you can test the wires that you will be tapping into.

The majority of our wiring will be done by the fuse panel at the general module and main wiring harness. However, some of our wiring has to be done under the steering column. So get all the necessary panels removed so we can access that area and lets get to work.

Here we have the brake pedal switch and clutch neutral safety switch. We need to tap into the 12 v + brake wire. The reason is so that the car will shut down when the brake pedal is depressed and there is no key in the ignition. That way someone cant just get in your vehicle and drive off while it's remote started. It is the brown/white wire in the cener of the brake pedal switch. Test it with your meter or probe just to verify it gives you 12 v + when the brake pedal is pressed. Once you have confirmed that you have the correct wire, solder your connection. Next is the clutch neutral safety switch bypass. (if your car is an automatic, you skip this step...obviously) The vehicle will not crank unless the clutch pedal is depressed. And as such we must simulate the pedal being depressed in order for us to successfully remote start the vehicle. There are 4 ways that a neutral safety switch works, that I know of. 1. It completes the circuit. 2. It breaks the circuit. 3. It provides a positive signal. 4. It provides a negative signal. Our e46 uses method number 3. It provides a positive signal. So again we use our probe/meter and test the wires at the plug to see which one gives us a + signal when the pedal is depressed. And the winner is blue/black. Solder your connection and lets move on.

Next is our trunk pin wire. This triggers the alarm if your trunk is opened. This wire is located in the drivers kick panel, it is white/brown. It rests at 12 v+ and goes to ground when the trunk is open. Locate the wire and verify it's operation, then solder your wire.

Next we will be installing our transponder bypass. If you have decided to take on this project, you should know by now that the e46 has a rf transponder ring aroung the ignition switch and a pellet in the key programmed with the proper signal. In order to remote start the vehicle, we have to send this signal to the transponder receiver unit. In order to do that we use this guy here.

This is the unit that requires a programmed spare key sit inside of it. So it is crucial that you hide the f@ck out of this module. Newer cars use modules that do not require the spare key method. You program your signal to the module and that is that. I searched and searched for a new module or method to bypass the transponder in our vehicle, but I came up empty. It has been about 4 years since I last used one of these, so I was hoping something new had come up, but no luck. So lets get started.

First remove the bottom plastic cover of the steering column.
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