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So as the OP was saying in this (I know this is an older thread some of us still have this issue...) his rattle is coming from the dash. Mine is coming from inside the Dash as well, been going on for a little while. Started after I really started putting the pedal down to the floor after I got use to my car, couple months into having her (Car is 12 years old now). Its an 01 325i BMW M54.

So reading into this I came across some people who have said they have dash "chirps / noises" But Mostly chirps if you have chirps and more of a high pitched noise check your ECU fan under driver side panel (interior).

My question is I have a rattle coming from the center vent area of the car....not the front of the engine "VANOS" or the side back of the engine "DISA" (Brand New because of idle issues). Does anyone have any new info on the noises the come from the center dash vent area?? I was thinking blower going out but nobody describes a rattling noise...with this noise if I even bump the gas away from idle it stops immediately. It continues to make noise even with the AC off. Let me know...OP if your still out there did you ever figure this out??
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